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History and values

The show, formerly known as TweeVandaag, was first screened in 1993 and is produced by TROS and AVRO. TROS and AVRO are both broadcasters and part of the Dutch Public Broadcasting Corporation. 'EenVandaag' is independent en non-commercial, without religious or political preference.

The centre of gravity is formed by openness and honesty. EenVandaag will therefore never broadcast sponsored reports, pay to gain information or break the law.

Audience and suggestions

The audience of EenVandaag is seen as educated and able to form their own opinion. However, with the selection of items, vulnerable persons and groups will be protected.

There will be worked towards a balanced show, with heavier and lighter topics. If you have any suggestions yourself for our show, we are happy to hear them. Please email to:

Instructions for the website

'EenVandaag' is screened from Monday through Saturday from 18.15 – 18.45 and draws a daily audience of 1 million viewers. It has a marketshare of over 25%, and ranks among the most important current affairs shows on Dutch TV.

The reports broadcast by EenVandaag can also be viewed on our website. If you would like to view one of our items again, you can, by clicking on 'Uitzendingen' (the Dutch word for broadcasts), 'Archief' (video database) or via 'Zoek' (search).

EenVandaag also sends newsletters. If you like to receive them, please register by choosing the button 'Nieuwsbrief'. When registration is confirmed, you will find information on a daily base about the broadcast or extraordinary things we do or publish on the website.

Since 2004, EenVandaag also has an 'Opiniepanel'. The Opinionpanel is an instrument to measure the public opinion. It has proven to be a valuable source of information, on many occasions newsmaking, but always an indicator of the thought and stands of our public. If you are interested, please click on 'Opiniepanel'. If you like you can register yourself for the Opiniepanel as well.

In our forum, you can discuss our items, but also current affairs in general. At 'weblogs' you can meet our journalists and editors and read about their personal experiences with news and reports. There is also the possibility to leave them a personal message.


If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask. Email to: